Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Review: Bloopies Bath Time Toy

Little L likes to play with her bath toys and every so often I try to buy new ones as it is proven to be difficult to clean the mold from some of L's bath toys.
So when we were offered to review Bloopies Bath Time doll (£12.99)  I knew that it would be a hit! Firstly this bath time doll is very different from usual rubber ducks as it can be used in water and when mixed with other toys during role play.

Other features:
- Bloopies bath time doll is made of a durable rubber alike material
- suitable from 18 months old
- there are 6 Bloopies characters to collect (each has different facial features and coloured accessories)
- comes with an accessory (snorkeling mask, diving fins and swim suit)
- can squirt the water out of it's mouth
- can snorkel/float on the water without any aid  
- can blow bubbles when played in bubble bath 
- suitable for little hands to play 
- child friendly facial features
- can be purchased from Smyths toys, Argos, Littlewoods, Amazon.

Few things to note: 
- as it's a basic bath toy the doll doesn't require any batteries

- even though the swim suit has a velcro fastening at the back it cannot be taken off as diving fins are attached to each other
- arms and legs do not move up and down, but are flexible due to the material they are made of
- diving fins are glued to doll's feet and cannot be taken off

L has lots of fun playing with it as it's such a versitile toy! As it looks like a doll L is very happy that she can care for it just like she would normally do and can also have lots of fun with it in the water when having bath time. Once L understood the principle of using Bloopies bath time toy L handle the doll without any additional help.

I would certainly recommend buying this toy, which can fit in any family budget! 

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Review: Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Live Show

We are all aware of this great little kid's cartoon and when I saw the tickets on sale I knew that L would be over the moon.

L is a huge fan of "Holly Ben" (as she calls it) and has taken a liking to a certain ladybird “Gaston”, so she was pretty excited to see him live. The live show takes a select few characters from the cartoon and presents a wonderful and imaginative story line which is easy to follow.

We attended the live show on a Thursday morning (10am) at New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham, but you can pick a later time (16pm). I have booked tickets for Stalls with adult tickets costing £16.25 each and a child ticket £14.25.

The main storyline consisted of Ben, Holly and Nanny Plum visiting a little girls house to swap her tooth for money. But unfortunately the little girl wakes up and sees them all.. leaving them with a decision to make, what to do!?
The show is excellently present with brilliant background scenes and props. The characters are all dressed up correctly and perform really well, with dancing and singing for all of the family.

L was encapsulated throughout but the noise level went up a notch when Gaston appeared.. she immediately recognised him and kept on saying “Gaston, Gaston, look mommy it's Gaston”. Says it all really!

L also loved the flight back to the Little Kingdom, which they dimmed the lights for (darkness), and used small puppets to give the effect of them all flying through the night sky. It really was a joy to watch. You also get to see Holly's dad- King Thistle, who has a spot of bother with magic!

One thing to note is that the show length was approximately an hour, which seemed just about enough to avoid having a fussy/fidgety little one after the show. L was mesmerised by it all so for us it was not an issue.

I would definitely recommend taking your little ones to see Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom live show, even if they know nothing about the cartoon, it is guaranteed to get you singing and dancing (even once the show has finished)! It is entirely child focused and they have done a great job in keeping the kids involved and entertained throughout.

Thanks for reading and I hope it inspires you to book tickets to see Ben and Holly Live next year!

Friday, 16 June 2017

Review: BABY born® Play&Fun Deluxe At The Lake set

It is always so interesting to watch how L plays with her BABY Born, how she interacts with it and pretends to care for it copying me or nursery nurses. 
At times poor little doll goes through different procedures such as undressing (most of the time), makeup application, trialing and testing play doh flavours etc. I think (touch wood) we have managed to persuade L that clothes need to stay on with a little help from lovely BABY Born PR who have sent us a new doll's outfit called "At the Lake" (£14.99). 
It is a summery outfit set, which consists of jelly sandals, swimming top, swimming pants and a snorkeling mask. As always BABY Born accessories are made to last, with vibrant colours and BABY Born logo images on all items, the set is suitable from 3 years + and available from major retailers.

Top and bottoms are made of a stretchy material and can be adjusted just like a real swimming outfit, jelly sandals look tight on dolls' feet which give reassurance that they will stay on and your child will not lose them, snorkeling mask can be adjusted in width depending if you want to use it on it's own or with the tube. 
The latter was something L has never seen before so it was something that kept her intrigued and occupied for ages. L would ask what it is, how does it work, what it is for, can she use it, can she go swimming, can she go to the sea, creating all the right association with the equipment in particular. 

Seeing how L is excited about BABY Born's outfit it prompted me to take her swimming which is something I wanted to do for ages but was never sure if we can manage on our own and most importantly if L would be keen at all. 
I didn't wash or clean the set just yet, but L has taken BABY Born in her new outfit to swim in the bath and it kept it's shape and colours once dry.

"At the Lake" is such a cute outfit and with hot weekend ahead of us would be a spot on outfit for our BABY Born.

Disclaimer: I was sent the item mentioned above for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.