Friday, 21 October 2016

Obbabee Cutlery for toddlers giveaway

I have a very exciting giveaway collaboration with Obbabee- kids cutlery brand, for all little ones practicing their moves with cutting the food. L is not there yet, but she likes to use knife for pretend play as an alternative which I think might be another way of learning how to use little fork and knife. 

"Helping little ones to feed themselves is quite literally a messy learning curve for children and their parents.

Whether you’re talking food splattered walls, meal-time tantrums or awkward eating implements that just don’t sit comfortably in tiny hands, tots’ breakfast, lunch and dinner times all have the potential to end in tears. Well fear not because the new Obbabee progressive training cutlery range is here to help.

Invented by leading industrial designer Oliver Blackwell and exclusively sold and marketed by award-winning businesswoman and nursery product expert Julie Batten, Obbabee is now set to take the industry by storm having launched to great success at Harrogate International Nursery Fair in the spring.

The ergonomically-designed range is brilliantly simple but hugely effective, helping to make the transition to independent feeding fast and easy. Created using an injection moulding process, the clever, innovative design incorporates a triangular shaped grip ideal for hungry little hands, and also helps children to develop control and coordination.

Sleek and stylish to look at, whether you’re buying it for everyday use or as a thoughtful and highly practical gift, the science behind Obbabee means young fingers and thumbs are guided into the correct position for eating, also ensuring the cutlery is held in the
most comfortable manner. An appetising winner for the whole family!
This British-designed product is BPA free and proudly produced and packaged entirely within the UK. It is currently available in two colourways- teal blue and pink- with more colour options planned for next year. The beautifully made sets are priced at £14.99, and come presented in a clear plastic, portable container, perfect for eating on the go with children or giving as a present.

Julie, owner of popular nursery brand Sleepytot and one of the UK’s top 100 Mumpreneurs, says: “The Obbabee cutlery range leapt out at me from the start as a parenting essential. As a mum-of- three I understand that helping your kids learn to feed themselves is a real parental concern, as I’ve just experienced with my two year old daughter Elsie. I know these exciting products will touch a nerve with other parents".

“Not only does the range make life easier for parents, it also improves your child’s independence and confidence in their own abilities meaning they are much more involved in family mealtimes".

If you would like to be in a chance of winning, please enter the Rafflecopter form below (ends on 11 November):
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Good luck!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Battle with the weight: update 7

I did it! I forced myself to leave a house and to register with a gym! It's not your usual gym though, firstly it's a women's only gym and it's just across the road form our house which is perfect for me! When I popped it to see what it looks like I was really surprise to see so many women, no mirrors (which is a little bit dramatic, I would prefer to see myself being fat to motivate me even further and then to motivate myself by seeing success), no music as you have to listen for the buzzer that goes off ever so often meaning that you need to move from one exercise to another.

I have bought a Groupon voucher as I didn't want to pay for yearly membership if I wasn't sure if I can remain motivated to attend the gym. One of the instructors combined a list of exercises I need to do on their gym equipment and with the mat which for now seems like a doddle and not to hard. I have been there twice and I feel like I haven't done much, which I have told them but they are insisting that I should follow the plan and do only one 30 minute circuit at a time. 
But as it doesn't seem enough I pushed myself to go on a treadmill and to do more exercises at home. I think I overdid during the weekend as my abs were hurting badly for few days but I prefer pain to be a sign that it works rather than not to feel a thing.

My sister said that I have lost weight, I cannot say for sure but I'm back on track with losing weight which is amazing! 

How are you doing with your weight loss?

Monday, 17 October 2016

My breastfeeding regrets

My breastfeeding journey started 2 years and 3 months ago, with it's ups and downs I was very determined to breastfeed L exclusively to proof to everyone that it can be done no matter what you just have to be determined and want to do it for your baby. I knew it is right for L, I wanted to try it as didn't see any other option and was determined to stick to it no matter what, no matter how hard it gets.

I have read different books about breastfeeding but didn't really learn much from them, have visited breastfeeding class prior to giving birth and have learned about the benefits, that you need to persevere, how to hold imaginary baby and where to buy nursing bras. These all now seems so irrelevant and not useful at all. 

Breastfeeding is not about free food your baby receives and other benefits that come with breastfeeding, it's not about correct breastfeeding positions advised by midwives (I used to hold L the way it was most comfortable to me which was very different to the advice given), it's not about sticking middle finger to other mums proving that you did it without a single drop of formula it's about your inner balance, it's about what works for you and your baby, about receiving valuable support and real advice, about the bond between you, your baby and your partner, it's about you feeling relaxed and not pressured my your own guilt or the world around you!

My breastfeeding journey was such a whirlwind, now looking back all I wish is that someone, be it one of the breastfeeding peer supporters, my family, people I met told me- "You are pressuring yourself too much, darling! Try mixed feeding L won't change if you do it, but you will for the better!".

I wish people remembered how hard it is to be a new mum, to be stressed because your hungry baby is screaming and can't sleep. It's not about fighting the corner for formula or for the breast milk, I will be always supporting breastfeeding, but if I knew then what I know now I would have made different choices which would have made my life as a mum, as a woman and as a wife less stressful and pressured.